Emerson Pereira

Hi there 👋
I'm Emerson Pereira.
This is a bit about me. My carreer, skills and some fun facts.


I started at IBM back in 2016 where I first started working with Web pages HTML/CSS/JavaScript, moved on to an agile team of web development where I took care of IBM Watson Customer Engagement brand as the main developer, after that, I joined the Applications team as application full-stack developer in 2018 where I worked with front, backend, Vue.js, React, Node, Cloud, and DB having developed a chatbot for Corinthians soccer team.

Then in 2019 I joined the Carbon Design System team in IBM where I worked with an open source Project called Carbon For IBM.com working with React.js and other frameworks in an agile team practicing code-review, tests and continuous integration.


I have experience with Node.js and API development (REST and GraphQL), frontend frameworks, databases and Cloud.

I'm a JavaScript coder. I have learned a lot of it over the years and continue to learn. I have been following up as the language evolves and, also, getting more familiar with its foundational principles.

Right now, I'm learning about TypeScript, Next.js, Nest.js, Gatsby.js, and other hot tech in the world of JavaScript and web development.

Fun facts

  • I know how to juggle three balls
  • I know how to wheelie a bicycle
  • My favorite show is The office
  • I used to teach English for Kids